Tay Chyuan Steel Co. Ltd has engaged in the professional production and manufacturing of steel products for construction materials since it was established in 1987. The primary business scopes include rolling forming machines, ceiling suspension grid (rack), secondary framing & purlins (structures like Channels Hees and Cees), ironwares for curtain wall, steel fences (rails) for super high way, steel boards for assembled houses. We have streamlined the production process in manufacturing, forming, and the development of various molds.
          In our factory, there are three departments including the administration, the assembly line and the marketing. We also have an office branching in Taipei city to offer more thorough quality of services in the market. Our factory occupies more than 3000 Pings in Yi-Lain City. We have 25 units of Rolling Forming machines can be used to produce all kinds of specifications and shapes. We have a complete production facilities and equipments to satisfy customers' demands.
In the past 15 years, Tay Chyuan holds practical altitudes to run this business in this industry. Our expertise and satisfactory quality have been widely recognized and accepted in steel construction material industry. We will work much harder and continue to provide faster professional services to the public.